For clarity, the following rating system has been established, along with the usual coding for adult fiction:

Story Title

Story Description

One Busy Night - Chapter #1

Rating - **** (F/b) In the first chapter, Sally's putting Tails to bed and their bedtime conversation turns to subjects Sally never would've dreamed of. Author: Bookshire S. Draftwood

A Sorcerer, A Demon, & Emeralds, Part 1

Revised Edition

Rating - * (M/f NC) Sonic's kicking it out in the Great unknown when he's seized by an unknown presence. Sonic goes to Robotropolis and defeats Snively, but is Sonic really better for the world? When he seizes control and abducts Sally as his personal slave, it becomes clear that something evil has a hold of him. Author: The MetalSonic

A Sorcerer, A Demon, & Emeralds, Part 2

Rating - *** (M/f NC)Sonic's reign of terror continues and Tails and the remaining freedom fighters are working hard to overthrow him...and they get help from an unexpected source. When things start going against Sonic, there's only one person to take his angers out on... Author: The MetalSonic

A Sorcerer, A Demon, & Emeralds, Part 3

Rating - *** (M/f NC) Sonic's reign of terror drags on, while abusing Sally to no end, and torturing Tails with endless nightmares about it. Finally, Tails go and makes a valiant effort to free Sally from her tormentor... Author: The MetalSonic

A Sorcerer, A Demon, & Emeralds, Part 4

Rating - *** (M/f NC) Knuckles and Sonya are off to the floating Island to stop Sonic's henchman EnerJak from taking over. Of course, EnerJak's also got his eyes on Sonya and wants her for his own... Author: The MetalSonic

A Sorcerer, A Demon, & Emeralds, Part 5

Rating - *** (M/f NC) All the Freedom Fighters meet back up with each other and relate to each other their adventures and experiences apart. Author: The MetalSonic

A Sorcerer, A Demon, & Emeralds, Part 6

Rating - **** (M/f M/m M/b NC) In this chapter the story is told from Sonic's point of view as he infiltrates the resistance, eventually succeeding in killing several rebels, and reclaiming what was taken from a little more... Author: The MetalSonic

The Endless Night

Rating - ** (M/F) Robotnik finds the Blood Emerald in Mt. Ever glow and now he's a vampire. Things get much worse when Sonic get's bitten and becomes one as well. Can he resist his vampiric temptations, or will the freedom fighters fall victim to Sonic's lust for blood. Author: The MetalSonic

When Innocence is Lost

Rating - *** (M/f F/m M/b NC)In the tradition of 'The Endless Night', comes another story about Sonic being changed into a vampire. Under this curse, he reeks havoc, drawing Tails into his Darkness then setting his eye on Sonya and the other Freedom Fighters. However, there's a more powerful force of evil at work here. And it is that which the Freedom Fighters must destroy if they ever want Sonic and Tails back again. Author: The MetalSonic and BladeWing

Mach Speed

Rating - * (M/F)In this story, Knuckles and a porcupine named Mach compete for Sonya's Heart while Tails gets jealous of all the attention Amy Rose gives to Sonic. However, everything either does or will get resolved. Author: DemonKlaw

Mach's Return

Rating - (none...this story's in here simply for continuity purposes as it continues "Mach Speed") Mach the Porcupine stumbles into Knothole with a girl he saved from the island of Maga. Now it turns out that she was the former Princess of maga and Mach's beginning to have some feelings for her... Author: DemonKlaw

TekkaSonic, Part 1

Rating - *** (M/f NC)the Freedom fighters are still busy cleaning up after Robotnik and Snively's demise, and Sally and Sonic go for a little intimate RnR. However, things get dampened when an invading force conquers the area, making life in the new capital a living hell, especially for Sally. Only Part one, so keep reading to see what happens. Author: DemonKlaw

TekkaSonic, Part 2

Rating - (this was a toss up between ** and ***) (M/f NC) The reign of evil in Mobius continues. Sonic and the others continue their fight against it while Sally, Tails and Bunnie remain trapped in the city trying to make their way as well as possible... Author: DemonKlaw

TekkaSonic, Part3

Rating - ** (M/F F/F) Sonic and Knuckles are out and about, getting in contact with other Warriors like them. Meanwhile, Tails bumps into an old friend, Sally and Bunnie find a new love, and someone called DemonKlaw makes an appearance. Author: DemonKlaw

TekkaSonic, Part 4

Rating - (another toss up between ** and ***) (M/F F/F) Sonic's sister Sonya pops up after a long absence and rejoins the group. This is soon followed by a desperate raccoon who bring in Lupe of the Wolf Pack after a brutal attack. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie get intimate...and Tails just doesn't know what to think about anything anymore... Author: DemonKlaw