Hello and welcome to my website!

It is pretty look at the pretty colors.
Also enjoy features of features not always nearby.
I do not need to know html for I have this to help me.
As of 2006, there are fewer than 1000 gopher servers on the internet [citation needed]. This is not one of them.
Sometimes I feel as if I should have a blog. However, I never have anything important to say. Thus, it dies.
Sammy the Cat Beany came up with the idea for me to write magnificent little articles for his website. However, I am a very lazy boy. One day there'll be content up the wazoo, but until then read what little there is.
Sonic Fan
I am in love with Sonic Fan. His words spoke to a generation. There will never be another like him, which is very unfortunate. But he lives on in our hearts.
Before anyone realized what they were doing on the internet, there was a guy called ratman who put up a site centered on Sonic the Hedgehog. The site died in 1997, but people old enough to remember it look back on it fondly...even if they don't know why.
Once upon a time there was a group called "The Perfect Chaos Gang." Everyone involved denies it ever happened. Attempting to read anything written proves why.
The Green Hill Zone
Even the most respected of websites have a history. NOTE: Contains bad fanfiction.
You've got questions. He's had answers. Not any lately, though.
Compaq Presario
John de Lancie knew the score back in 1997.
Captain Purple
He sure is purple. Possibly the first Internet superhero, and one of the first webcomics.
A cornucopia of content to tantalize the brain. Includes the Sonic MSTing Archive.
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Alternatively, if you want to see a picture of Amy Rose having sex with both Sonic the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic, click here. And no, I do not know who drew that picture. It is older than the internet.

Netscape Communications has designed an all - new WWW browser Netscape, that has significant enhancements over the original Mosaic program. The beta version of Netscape was released in mid-October 1994, to much acclaim and controversy... it is clear that Netscape Communications has jumped to the front with some exciting new ideas, and will certainly spur the development of the WWW browsers and the HTML language.